Why has Kendall Jenner just quit Instagram?

Why has Kendall Jenner just quit Instagram?

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First Kim ghosts on us, now Kendall… just WHAT is going on the Kardashian/Jenner household?

When your über-famous  sister is robbed at gunpoint in Paris and people say social media is to blame, we guess there's a few changes to be made if you're Kendall Jenner. After sister Khloé told Ellen Degeneres that the family were making a few "life adjustments" in the wake of Kim's robbery ordeal, the family (ok, well everyone except Rob and Blac Chyna) have been toning down their social media presence of late.

But little sis model Kendall seems to have gone one further, as she has seemingly deleted her Instagram account overnight. With 68 million followers on Instagram and status as one of the leaders of the Insta-model movement alongside best buddies Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin - Kendall was a true millennial social media star. So why she's chosen to delete (or temporarily deactivate) her account is anyone's guess.

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Notoriously more shy and private than her elder sisters, that didn't stop Kendall from using the social media platform to share career highlights, shoots and a burgeoning interest in photography. Certainly, it was one of the reasons she scored such a lucrative Estée Lauder beauty contract, right? In fact, Kendall was more than happy to use Instagram to share snaps of her 21st birthday party just under a fortnight ago, as she showed off a "vintage Paris" Hilton look. So what went wrong?

While we may never really know, we wonder if it has something to do with sister Kim's self-imposed social media silence or even friend Justin Bieber's similar Instagram shutdown which happened earlier this year after former gf Sofia Richie got trolled. But in case you were having Kenny withdrawals, rest assured it's not a total social media blackout - Kendall's Snapchat and Twitter accounts  are still happily active... for now *insert ominous music*. 

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