Who knew hackers were into Disney films?

Who knew hackers were into Disney films?

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Disney CEO, Bob Iger announced this week that hackers claim to have stolen a copy of an unreleased Disney movie and have threatened to release it to the public

This latest cybercrime comes hard on the heels of the raft of recent hacking scandals like the Sony email situation and the unauthorised early release by a hacker of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. Why hackers are so intent on wrecking havoc in the entertainment industry is anyone's guess - could it be the work of a disgruntled-but-tech-savvy actor who missed the lead in the latest Disney blockbuster, Beauty and the Beast? Who knows.

What we can confirm is that Disney is following Netflix's lead in not giving into the hackers ransom threats, according to Variety, Iger "...vowed that Disney wasn't going to pay." The hackers are apparently asking for a large bitcoin payment  - the cyber currency of choice for the dark web - to not release the title. No word on which title the hackers are allegedly holding hostage but the upcoming Disney slate includes Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Cars 3, Thor: Ragnorak and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Interestingly the security breach happened in the same way Netflix's occurred at a Hollywood-based postproduction company; making a very pointed statement about the state of cyber security in the entertainment biz. 

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