It's been just a week since LA-based model/TV star Kendall Jenner took a much-publicised break from Instagram, after telling Ellen she was too dependent on it. But in true Gen Z style, she was back on it after just a week. Great detox, Kendall - seven days away must have been pure torture.

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While she has stayed silent on why she's returned, we have no doubt it will be brought up an upcoming interview or episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And if you want to know what her first posts were, they were keeping in line with her burgeoning photography hobby: arty, red and black atmosphere shots of friends at a concert. So there you have it: the earth has shifted back to its axis again.


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We guess we'll know everything is really all right with the universe when Kendall's sister Kim returns to social media.  

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Well that was quick: why Kendall Jenner is back on Insta