Want to go wine tasting with Jennifer Lawrence?

Want to go wine tasting with Jennifer Lawrence?

Umm, YES!

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Image: Courtesy of Omaze

Everyone’s imaginary best friend Jennifer Lawrence is asking you to come wine tasting with her

Yes, you read that correctly. Hollywood's most relatable actress, Jennifer Lawerence is hosting a competition where you and a friend could win a wine tasting date in California with the star.

"It'll be great. We'll hang out, drink some wine, talk politics, drink wine, maybe we'll call your ex, maybe we'll call my ex - who knows? The point is, we'll have fun," Lawrence says in a video uploaded by funding website Omaze.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise money for Represent.Us, an American organisation that aims to end government and political corruption. To enter you simply need to donate a nominated amount to the cause; the more you donate, the more entries you get (and your first entry is on the house).

J-Law starts the video exclaiming: "Hey you! You wanna help stop political corruption in America and drink a tonne of wine?" Um, let me think about that for a second... YES! To prove what an excellent host she will make, Lawrence puts herself to the challenge in a game of game of 'Movie Review or Wine Review' where she has to tell the difference between wine reviews, and reviews of movies she has starred in.  The responses are of course, typically JLaw.

The competition winners will be flown to California and put up in a four star hotel overnight before being treated to an unforgettable wining experience with Jennifer Lawrence at a Californian vineyard.

Watch the video below and enter for your chance to win here

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