Trump and Kanye: just what is going on here?

Trump and Kanye: just what is going on here?

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Donald Trump and Kanye West were snapped together at Trump Tower yesterday – but what does it all mean?

The footage may be grainy, but the intention was clear. When two of the world's most talked about men got together in New York, they wanted everyone to know about it. After a spectacular breakdown during one of his concerts and hospitalisation, rapper Kanye West announced his return to the public eye in the grandest way possible: by meeting with the world's most famous American (and TIME Person of the Year 2016) Donald J. Trump.

In a way, their meeting was almost fated, since it was during Kanye's famous concert rant that he told stunned a audience he would have voted for Trump (FYI: he failed to officially vote - go figure). And if you cast your mind even further back, you might also recall that Trump's wax figure famously cuddled up to Kim and Kanye in his 'Famous' video - you know, the song that sparked that highly entertaining Taylor Swift feud.

Trump and Kanye: just what is going on here? (фото 1)

Meeting at Trump Tower, newly blonde Sisqó, sorry Kanye, posed on the foyer alongside Trump in what is possibly one of the most bizarro quasi press conferences we've seen in a while (watch it on BBC). As Yeezy stood next to the future US president being mostly mute, he let Trump do most of the talking. The President-elect explained that the pair are "just friends, just friends" and that "they've been friends for a long time". Telling reporters that the pair were mostly shooting the breeze, talking about "life", one could be forgiven for thinking this was not Kanye, but in fact a Kanye robot masquerading as him.

Pretending not to hear reporters asking about his presidential bid in 2020 or whether he'd be performing at Trump's inauguration, Kanye said, "I just wanted to take a picture right now", then laughed, bumped shoulders with Trump, and said his goodbyes. It was so freakin' weird that even Kanye's bestie John Legend had something to say about it. "I think Kanye was a publicity stunt," he said in an interview with Clique. "I think Trump has been corrosive, his message has been corrosive to the country. I think the things he's promised to do have been very concerning for a lot of people, and for Kanye to support that message is very disappointing."

Of course, Kanye has already addressed it all on Twitter.

We even got a glimpse of Kanye's signed TIME cover:

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