The Weeknd’s latest project is… comical?

The Weeknd’s latest project is… comical?


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The Weeknd is releasing a comic book with Marvel

Over the weekend (see what I did there?) The Weeknd announced a comic book collaboration with comic book giants, Marvel aplty titled, STARBOY. The star had teased the project to his Twitter and Instagram account throughout the week, which he seldom uses to post adorable photos of him and Selena Gomez, but mostly uses to post about music and brand collabs.

The project was confirmed at a signing event at Comic Con on October 7 and across socials where the star shared and image of the comic books first cover: "The Weeknd and Marvel presents: STARBOY... comic book coming soon."  Upon closer inspection, it looks like we can expect to see the inaugural issue of STARBOY at some point early next year. 

The Weeknd’s latest project is… comical? (фото 1)

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