He launched the acting careers of Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element (remember those Jean Paul Gaultier costumes?), Natalie Portman in Leon: The Professional and more recently cast Mia Farrow (not to mention Madonna, David Bowie and Snoop Dogg) in Arthur and the Invisibles. Now, the iconic director best known for epic sci-fi films and thrillers - he's the guy behind the Taken franchise - has set his sights on Karl Lagerfield muse Cara Delevingne.

So what's in the works? An adaptation of French sci-fi graphic novel series Valerian and Laureline. Delevingne will play the time-travelling lead, Laureline, in the film version, titled Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, alongside Lawless star Dane DeHaan as Valerian.

Delevingne's made no secret of her acting ambitions and Hollywood has been quick to snap her up: she stars in The Fault in Our Stars director John Green's Paper Towns this July and comic book adaptation Suicide Squad in August. Filming for Valerian is slated to start this December. 

The new The Fifth Element? Luc Besson and Cara Delevingne on camera