Does the guy who stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar want his own billboard?

Does the guy who stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar want his own billboard?

Because we know how she gets justice

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Crims really need to do their research better especially in the case of the guy arrested for stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar statue at an Academy Awards after party

Didn't he see the movie McDormand won the Oscar for? Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is based on McDormand's character doing whatever it takes to get justice and answers for the brutal murder of her daughter including hiring three giant billboards outside town to name and shame the police department for not uncovering the killer. Does the thief want his own billboard? Or did he just not see the film?

Frances McDormand Oscars 2018. Image: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

But on the other hand, it wouldn't be a memorable Oscars night without a side of extra drama. Last year's ceremony was memorable for the wrong reason: two winners were announced for the best picture Oscar. And this year it seemed that the 90th Academy Awards would be a fairly drama-free event.

Sure, there were highlights including Emma Stone's clever best director introduction, "Four men and Greta Gerwig," and Frances McDormand's best actress acceptance speech asking all the female nominees in the room to stand and introducing the world to the term 'inclusion rider' - which USA Today reports McDormand explained backstage as, "...available to everybody who does negotiating on film, an inclusion rider, which means you can ask for and/or demand at least 50 per cent diversity, not only in casting, but also the crew."

But in terms of what the night will actually be remembered for it's probably going to be the theft of McDormand's Oscar. According to Variety, "...the suspect, identified as Terry Bryant," has been arrested and, "...booked on felony grand theft charges... after snatching the best actress statue from McDormand's table at the Governors Ball following the ceremony."

Per Variety the, "...alleged thief was stopped by Wolfgang Puck's photographer... The Oscar was then returned to McDormand, who allegedly told security to release the man."

The suspect, Bryant, posted a video of himself during the heist to his Facebook page - leaving very visible evidence.

Terry Bryant Djmatari Facebook Oscar video

Variety reports bail has been set for Bryant at $20,000 USD.

Does the guy who stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar want his own billboard? (фото 1)

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