It seems Melbourne is finally releasing their clutch on Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. In a fine display of guerrilla marketing, posters started appearing on bus shelters across Sydney yesterday, claiming 'The Mormons are coming'. Sharing an image of said posters to The Book of Mormon Facebook page yesterday, the post was accompanied by the caption: "Good things come to those who waitlist" with a link to the musical's official fan waitlist.

Created by the brains behind South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the critically acclaimed musical has won nine Tony Awards, including one for Best Musical, and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album since its inception in 2011.

Melbourne have been exclusively showcasing the production since February this year, however if these subtle hints are anything to go by, it looks like The Book of Mormon will be travelling up the Hume Highway to Sydney very soon. Dates and location are yet to be confirmed.  

What are you still doing here? Sign up to The Book of Mormon waitlist here

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