Let's hope so. A history-making 683 new members have been invited to join its ranks - which are notoriously dominated by old, white men - up from 322 invitations last year and just 271 the year before.  Why the sudden mass invite? It's part of Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and CEO Dawn Hudson's push for the organisation to include more women, minorities and international filmmakers. It seems the #OscarsSoWhite campaign that plagued the awards for the past two years has finally made an impact.

As it stands, the Academy's membership is 75 per cent male and 92 per cent white. To shift the balance, 46 per cent of the new members are women and 41 per cent are "people of colour", according to The Hollywood Reporter. The list includes Idris Elba, who many thought should have received an Oscar nomination for Beasts of No Nation's this year, Alicia Vikander (pictured), Brie Larson, Emma Watson, Will.i.am and John Boyega, as well as British director Ken Loach.

The Academy is FINALLY addressing its diversity problem