Why are Suicide Squad fans campaigning for a Rotten Tomatoes takedown?

Why are Suicide Squad fans campaigning for a Rotten Tomatoes takedown?

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Fans of the DC Comics universe film Suicide Squad are on a rampage against film critic aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes – and there’s even a petition to prove it

Is all publicity good publicity? Not according to fans of the DC Comics universe, who've unleashed a petition to 'Shutdown Rotten Tomatoes' over its "unjust Bad Reviews" of films like  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the newly released Suicide Squad. For those unfamiliar with, it's an online aggregate site that pulls together film and TV reviews to give films or TV shows a score. The percentage based score or Tomatometer rates films with a 60 per cent score as Fresh and those with a 59 per cent score as rotten.

Suicide Squad's current score? 31 per cent, while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is sitting Rotten at 27 per cent. The strange thing about this petition is that Rotten Tomatoes isn't technically the one slagging off Suicide Squad and DC Comics - it's the critics who are writing these film reviews, which are then being used to create these scores.

Nevertheless the Egyptian creator of this petition, Abdullah Coldwater, was thrilled with the 17,616 signatures 'Shutdown Rotten Tomatoes managed to nab. While Abdullah states that he/she didn't expect the petition to actually close the site, it was meant to gather fans together to point out how many people disagree with film reviews. "In fact i started this petition to gather dc fans to express our anger just for fun. I didn't mean it to be taken that serious," writes Abdullah.

But after watching two YouTube videos from Collider about the petition, Abdullah Coldwater has recently chosen to shut down the petition. "After thinking. I found this petition is pointless. And the only thing that it does is spreading a speech of hate and online fighting among the supporters and objectors . The movies is something to enjoy. And the hate and fight is the opposite of enjoying [sic]." So that's that.

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