Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard about the on-stage kerfuffle when the La La Land team was incorrectly called to the stage as winners of the Academy Award for Best Picture only to be told, mid-speech, that the winners were, in fact, Moonlight. If you saw that, you probably also clocked the poorly-supressed giggle one Mr Ryan Gosling was experiencing throughout the fiasco. But what was the actor really thinking?

"What really was happening as I was watching, it was surreal anyway, I was watching people start to have this panicked reaction in the crowd and guys were coming on with headsets and I felt like someone had been hurt," Gosling told Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas on Wednesday. 

"I thought there was some kind of medical situation, and I had this worst-case scenario playing out in my head," he added. "And then I just heard Moonlight won and I was so relieved that I started laughing."

As for any hard feelings towards the winning team once the news finally sank in, Gosling hasn't any. "Truthfully, I was also so thrilled that Moonlight won. I know the director I've worked with them before," he explains. "It's such a groundbreaking film, made for a million dollars, and incredible achievement and I'm so happy for them that they were being recognized."

Ryan Gosling on how he really felt about that Oscar’s moment