New details have emerged regarding Prince's death

New details have emerged regarding Prince's death


Text: Anna McClelland

Over 40 emergency calls were made from Prince's Paisley Park Estate in the last five years

One that's attracting global media attention is from a woman in Germany who claimed the late star had confided with her about his "cocaine habits." Minnesota police have released logs of the 911 calls made, with confidential information, such as names, blacked out.

The log regarding the call that's given fire to cocaine rumours reads as follows: "He [Prince] advised her last year in Germany that he cannot control his habit and she was advised to report it." Since there was no indication the singer was "in immediate danger", the incident was marked as closed.

The findings follow numerous allegations Prince had a drug problem, although just as many people say the star never took drugs and took pride in his healthy lifestyle. Prince was found dead in an elevator in his Paisley Park recording studio on April 21 and cause of death has not been released.

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