Just when you thought they couldn't get any cooler, the teen stars of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard have done it again - proving that there is nothing we don't love them for.

It's been well-documented on the internet how much of a multihyphenate Wolfhard is - he can act, play guitar, sing and direct. This week, Wolfhard has turned his creative hand to music videos by co-directing a de-saturated beauty of a clip for American band Spendtime Palace, alongside Josh Ovalle, a Vine-vlogger.

Filmed under the California sun, the video stars Iris Apatow (yep, Judd Apatow's daughter) and Wolfhard as young crushes in deep suburbia. "Once we listened to the song a bunch of times we were thinking of what the tone was and we thought it had a western feel," Wolfhard said in an interview with Billboard. "We thought, 'What if we do a western, but with two teenagers in 2017 California?'" Wolfhard cites Clint Eastwood westerns, The Goonies and Steven Spielberg as inspirations. "We were inspired by watching those kinds of classic Spielberg kid movies for sure, and I think it's a cool idea that someone who is 14 can still make someone happy in the sense of taking them away from an awful person."

In the interview, the 14-year-old also noted that he's been learning a lot from Stranger Things' directors, The Duffer Brothers and that this is just one of a hopeful many film projects he intends to work on with Ovalle.  

Now, while Wolfhard was behind  and infront of the camera, Millie Bobby Brown, AKA the current face of Calvin Klein, has been doing her own work of a different nature - to help brighten up our day and stop bullying via a new twitter account.
@MillieStopsHate is a brand new account started by the Stranger Things lead, as part of her ongoing effort to put a stop to online bullying and youth depression. . "Hey guys share stories and love! I love you all," read her first tweet. "I will tweet encouragement and advice for situations that need love and help."

Positivity and music videos: keeping up with the Stranger Things kids

So far, the account has been up for two days and it's garnered almost 10k followers and some heartbreaking tweets sent to her,  all with positive and encouraging replies. If anything, the 13-year-old has truly highlighted some of the struggles that teens experience online today -some of it absolutely heartbreaking. Good on you Millie! <3 

Stranger Things is set to return in October in time for Halloween.

Positivity and music videos: keeping up with the Stranger Things kids