Kylie Jenner's push present is totally insane

Kylie Jenner's push present is totally insane

But what else would you do with $1.4m?

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We should have known Kylie wouldn't have gone for a simple piece of jewellery to celebrate the birth of baby Stormi

Some mums get a piece of jewellery for a push present, others get a new mobile, or maybe a spa day. And then there are people like Kylie Jenner, who got a $1.4 million Ferrari to celebrate the birth of her daughter, Stormi.


The car is a jet black Ferrari LaFerrari, and besides being super sleek, its superpower is being able to go from zero to 60 in less than three seconds.

It's also pretty futuristic. Think those weird gull-wing doors that open by swooping up instead of swinging out. With only 500 ever made, the LaFerrari is a limited edition set of wheels perfect for the discerning taste of a social media star and car collector who counts a Land Rover, Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Wraith and Mercedes Benz G-Wagon among her collection.

The car is so exclusive, they were sold out before most people knew they even existed.

kylie car

Here's the burning question though: can you fit a baby seat in the back of a Ferrari? We think not. Hot tip for Kylie's next ride: the Tesla Model X has wing doors too. It also has all the roominess of a seven seater, and it's a bargain at around $150k.  


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