Kristen Stewart shocks with her SNL appearance

Kristen Stewart shocks with her SNL appearance


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Kristen Stewart continues her quest for gay rights by starring in a hilarious parody ad for food brand Totinos

Can anyone remember Kristen Stewart circa Twilight? The lip chewing, scowling, anti-publicity celeb that the media loved to make fun of? It's become so hard to reconcile that KStew with the one we have now, hasn't it? This version smiles a lot more, stars in Chanel campaigns and - shock horror! - has traded Edward Cullen for indie musician St Vincent. Can we just say that we kind of love Kristen 2.0 now? Esprcialy after watching her recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig, where she managed to make SNL history by dropping the F-bomb in her anti-Trump speech and poke fun of sexist ad campaigns by starring in a very sexy, NSFW parody commercial.

The skit in question, for American food brand Totinos, sees Kristen play  Sabine, the seductive sister of a football fan who's visiting strung-out housewife Vanessa's home. Not only is a dig at American football culture, it's also a sly win for gay rights by inserting some LBQTI raunch into the Superbowl conversation.

While Stewart has been increasingly open about her sexuality in recent years, we've never seen her have this much fun talking about it. Ever. As she tells Donald Trump in her opening speech, "I'm like, so gay dude." Watch the full SNL episode below.

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