Kanye’s meltdown is a lot worse than we think

Kanye’s meltdown is a lot worse than we think

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Kanye West’s hospitalisation visit may be far from over, according to new sources

You can always count on TMZ to dig up more dirt on a celebrity scandal. Case in point: Kanye West's sudden hospitalisation earlier this week. After his bizarre rant and the cancellation of his remaining Saint Pablo tour dates, the hip-hop star was admitted to UCLA Medical Centre. According to the celeb gossip site TMZ, he's expected to stay there until at least the end of the week, which means he'll be spending Thanksgiving in hospital.

While reports surfaced that he had to be handcuffed and restrained in order to be admitted to UCLA, his doctor apparently told TMZ he was suffering from temporary psychosis due to extreme sleep deprivation and dehydration. Even though we sort have to scoff at the old party line about going to rehab/hospital for "exhaustion", it's becoming apparent this psychosis may run deeper. TMZ claims that Kanye's insurance policy will cover the losses to his cancelled tour dates, which makes us wonder if this is a pre-existing condition... or at the very least, something that has happened before?

Wife Kim Kardashian, no stranger to personal drama after her Paris robbery ordeal, was spotted visiting Kanye at UCLA on Thursday morning. The Sun newspaper reports that Beyoncé has been urging hubby Jay Z to patch things up with former bestie Kanye and go visit - although considering how tightly controlled Jay and Bey's publicity camp is, we wonder how they know this. However, considering the rift between Jay Z and Kanye was one of the main subjects in Yeezy's rant... we think it's probably a step in the right direction.

You can bet there will be more details released as the situation unfolds.

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