Kanye’s 6 biggest publicity grabs (to date)

Kanye’s 6 biggest publicity grabs (to date)


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From crazy controversial music videos to mic-stealing Grammy moments, we countdown Kanye West's most attention-grabbing moments

When it comes to being a celebrity in our click-bait, Photoshopped,  paparazzi-driven world, Kanye West could write the book. In fact, one day he probably will. And while there's barely a week that goes by without Yeezy making some kind of outlandish statement or pissing someone off, there have been a few moments in his career which stand out among them all. Here, we countdown our personal top 6, starting from his most recent, the 'Famous' video.

1. The 'Famous' video clip:

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Social satire or a play for publicity? In truth, it's probably a bit of both. Unveiled on Friday night at the LA Forum and also on Tidal, by now you've probably heard all about it. Featuring wax figures of some of the most famous and newsworthy names in the world - George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, plus Kanye and Kim Kardashian - lying in bed naked together, it could be the rapper's most provocative film clip yet. Based on a Vincent Desiderio painting, it's managed to light the fires of social media, somehow even managing to trump this one...

Update: The 'Famous videon is now available on Vevo. Watch it below:

2. The 'Bound 2' video clip

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In 2013, we were still a bit in awe of the whole Kimye phenomenon. So when Kanye dropped the video for 'Bound 2' from his Yeezus album, no one was really prepared to see Kim K topless, cavorting on a motorbike with Kanye. Of course, by what we know now, this is tame. Even the lyric 'I wanna f**k you hard in the sink, after that give you something to drink' is probably inoffensive by Taylor Swift's standards.

3. The ongoing Taylor Swift dramas

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Poor Taylor. All she did was win the MTV VMA for best female video in 2009, before Kanye stormed the stage, grabbed the mic and promptly told everyone Beyoncé should have won it. Of course, this wasn't the first time Kanye has pulled a stunt like this - he did it at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006 to Justice... And then jokingly to Beck at the 2015 at the Grammys.

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Of course, Taylor's stage intrusion was by far the most widely reported, with the pair not making up until the 2015 Grammys. All was fine until Yeezy's The Life of Pablo came out - and the line 'I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b***h famous' reignited their feud. After Taylor made a jab at Kanye during her Grammy acceptance speech, Kanye one-upped her by including her in his 'Famous' bed scene. Your move, Tay.

4. Posing as Jesus

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We all know Kanye suffers from delusions of grandeur at the best of times, but he usually does it with a masterful handle on the media. From posing as Jesus with a crown of thorns for Rolling Stone in 2006, to tweeting a fake Rolling Stone cover earlier this year - you have to admit the dude is his own walking, talking PR machine. Twitter tirades aside (and there have been too many to list), he's even turned his hand to essay writing in a laugh-out-loud Papper essay spouting Kanye-isms as gold as this one: What's the key to happiness? Happiness. Oh yeah, and then there's that whole Yeezus/Jesus thing.

5.  His entry into the fashion world

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With Kanye's fashion line Yeezy already in its third season and regular appearances alongside in-laws the Kardashians at Givenchy and the Met Gala (wearing Balmain) - you could say Kanye, Kim and the rest of the Klan have been legitimised by the fashion pack. But then again, there was the 2015 System magazine photoshoot, styled by Yeezy and shot by Juergen Teller, that still manages to defy all questions of taste, logic and talent.

6. The Kimye wedding

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This one was always going to be BIG. Thanks to Kardashian-branded uber-fame, Givenchy friend Riccardo Tischi and the curious eyes of the world's seven billion plus population, Kimye's May 24, 2014 wedding in Florence was an extravaganza. From fireworks, to Andrea Bocelli and John Legend serenades, it's no wonder this carefully edited Instagram snap became the most liked Instagram of all time (at the time).

Kanye’s 6 biggest publicity grabs (to date) (фото 8)

Kanye’s 6 biggest publicity grabs (to date) (фото 9)

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