Kanye publicly withdraws his support for Trump

Kanye publicly withdraws his support for Trump


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Kanye and Trump are no longer - but why?

Remember that weird moment last year, right after Kanye's breakdown, when Yeezy and Donald Trump met? Posing for photos inside the Trump Tower foyer, the publicity stunt/political powwow was said to be centred on discussing "multicultural issues," according to Kanye's tweets. "These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago." But in a stunning about-face, Kanye has recently withdrawn his support of Trump over his Muslim ban by deleting those very tweets.

Granted, it's sad that we even notice this, but in Kanye-land it must mean something. TMZ have reported that he's unhappy with the Muslim ban (along with the rest of the world), and how the first couple of weeks of Trump's presidency have played out. But, we have another theory: perhaps things cooled during the lead up to Trump's inauguration, after Presidential Inauguration Committee Chair Tom Barrack Jr. told reporters they didn't ask Kanye to perform because they were going for music that was "typically and traditionally American". Ouch. (I mean, we don't know what other country rap or hip-hop belongs to more than the United States?)

Watch this space for updates. The greatest thing about both Trump and Kanye is that they can't stay silent on any matter for very long. 

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