Oh Kanye. From Yeezy fashion shows and styling Kim to attempting to run for president and having Twitter feuds with Wiz Khalifa and ex Amber Rose - there must never be a dull moment in the West household. Even though we'd assume Kimye would still be basking on the post-baby afterglow created by Saint West, Kanye's got an album to move, which means the man has to hustle.

And hustle he sure did, by releasing a bizarre mock-up of a Rolling Stone cover, reportedly shot by fellow rapper Tyler, The Creator. We're assuming the coverline 'Does he like mustard?' is some kind of in-joke only Tyler and Kanye are in on.

Kanye does it again: see his fake Rolling Stone cover


In response, Rolling Stone released this tactful tweet:

 In a typical West show of modesty, Kanye subtly suggested that it should be the cover, because in the universe of Yeezy, why the hell not?   

And yes, he actually ran the poll. And so the PR bandwagon continues. In case you somehow missed all the noise echoing around cyberspace, Kanye's seventh album Waves is out February 11.

Kanye does it again: see his fake Rolling Stone cover