Jennifer Lawrence fights back at ‘stripper pole romp’ story

Jennifer Lawrence fights back at ‘stripper pole romp’ story


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J Law just proved again why she’s like no other young Hollywood actress out there

You've got to love the internet. Where else can one of Hollywood's most in-demand young actresses get roasted for drunk dancing at a stripper club, and get called a "low-rent go-go dancer in a Euro-trash strip club". Yep. As you may or may not have heard, Jennifer Lawrence got filmed in the strip joint Beverly Hills Club while she was in Austria filming Red Sparrow - and Radar Online had a field day. Publishing the grainy video (most likely taken on someone's camera phone), the footage was described it as a "jaw-dropping video of America's sweetheart cutting loose", with J Law "riding a stripper pole, spanking herself with dollar bills". Sadly, as with most tabloid journalism, the footage hardly lives up to the story's salubrious headline.

If you check the footage out - J Law is clearly drunk dancing with a male pal, however you could hardly say she's "getting wild" - or any wilder than any other 26-year-old drunk on a Saturday night. The article goes on to say she took her top off, was dry humping another guy and attempted to ride the stripper pole - turning her night out into a seedy tell-all tale of a good girl gone wild. Another day, another tabloid tale, right?

But in an unflinchingly honest fight back at the press, the face of Dior has taken to Facebook to address the report. Unapologetic for her behaviour, she goes on to tell everyone she had a blast - and gently reminds them that her topless dance was not in a bra, but actually an Alexander Wang crop top - ha. Read it below.

Can we just say this might be one of the best #sorrynotsorry posts in recent celeb history? And as for the footage, we'll leave you to watch and decide whether it was worth all the drama in the end...

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