Is this REALLY Leonardo DiCaprio’s first post-Oscar role?

Is this REALLY Leonardo DiCaprio’s first post-Oscar role?

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Is this the weirdest movie news you’ve heard all year? We think it might be…

We all know that Hollywood loves a remake. In fact, were we to start listing all the film and TV reboots for 2016 alone... well, let's just say it'd be a loooooong list. But just when you think the studio execs can't dredge up any more relics from the past (*cough* MacGyver), along comes The Hollywood Reporter to burst our bubble. Following on from his epic and ultimately successful Oscar campaign, Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently been in talks to produce a remake of - wait for it - everyone's favourite earth-loving cartoon series Captain Planet. We kid you not.

Is this REALLY Leonardo DiCaprio’s first post-Oscar role? (фото 1)

For those of you who didn't grow up in the early '90s, Captain Planet and the Planeteers was the original eco-warrior cartoon show. Featuring five kid representatives of the earth's five elements (Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart - come one, don't pretend you forgot), when the five powers combined, they created Captain Planet - a curiously blue-skinned superhero who sought to "take pollution down to zero." And Leo, being the environmentalist, is seeking to score the rights to the TV series via his production company Appian Way Productions. We guess this is what happens when a climate change campaigner wins an Oscar?

According to THR, Paramount and Appian Way Productions are angling for Jono Matt and Scream Queens star Glen Powell to write the script, which is said to be a more subversive take on the cheesy original. No word yet on possible casting choices for Captain Planet and his five special kids, although we're sure there's plenty of tweens and child stars who would be perfect for the role. We can certainly bet Leo will want some climate change messaging in there. Right? All we can is this: "Go planet!"

Is this REALLY Leonardo DiCaprio’s first post-Oscar role? (фото 2)

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