Inside the elaborate food menu at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Inside the elaborate food menu at the 2017 Grammy Awards

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They'll be serving over 6,900 pieces of sushi and 1,200 oysters

What do you serve to a roomful of the most powerful (and fussy) musicians in the world? Well Chef Joseph Martin of the Levy restaurants, has the honours of feeding every guest pf this year's 59th Grammy Awards show.

According to refinery 29, for this year's Grammys Chef Martin has created two fixed menus and a la carte. But with a guest list of over 2,500 people, the food scale is out of this world. And to break it down exactly, the Levy team has ordered: 350 pounds of ahi tuna, 990 pounds of tenderloin, 865 pounds of New York strip, 1200 oysters, 6900 pieces of sushi and 1800 desserts to eaten. To serve all of this up, they're divided it into the following menu's for the artists and guests to choose from:

The set menus are aptly named the "Song of the Year Menu" and the "Album of the Year Menu". Song of the Year seems like the type of food choice of the Jay-Z's and the Bieber's of the world, with an assortment of peanut butter pretzels, Australian red liquorice, house-made pickled vegetables, Thai shrimp spring rolls, rotisserie chicken salad, chef's selection of sushi/sashimi, guar gumdrops, farmers salads, grilled steak sandwiches, braised short ribs, ravioli and an selection of of cookies and lavender shortbread. And that's not even including every dish.

Or they have the choice of the Album of the Year, which includes hearty mini bacon cheddar scones, the "Earth and Turf", prime tenderloin, shrimp and lobster esacbeche, tortilla Espanola, char Sui chicken salad, truffle mac and cheese, a country board of cheeses, local meats, pickled vegetables, gingerbread cookie sandwiches, chocolate malt cake and carrot cake. Again, we're not over covering every single dish.... Who knew A-listers ate so much?

And finally, on the lighter side of things ( We predict this will be T-Swift's, Selena Gomez' and Rihanna's choice), celebs have the option of the a la carte, which is a more modest arrangement of cheese and charcuterie boards, shrimp and king crab legs, and mixed sushi and sashimi.

With the knowledge of the food menu's, and also what the guests are taking home in their Grammy's goody bags - we're slowly feeling like a legit guest of next week's Grammy awards. Stay tuned.

Inside the elaborate food menu at the 2017 Grammy Awards (фото 1)

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