Heath Ledger’s 10 best moments in film

Celebrating his life

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'When I die, my movies will live on." -Heath Ledger

No doubt one of our generation's most talented actor's, Heath Ledger's incredible career was cut short in on January 22, 2008 before his 29th birthday when he passed away from an accidental prescription drug overdose. It was just six months before the release of The Dark Knight, in which he gave his first Oscar-winning performance - a magnificent depiction of a troubled Joker - for which he posthumously received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Hailing from Perth, Ledger's breakthrough international performance in Brokeback Mountain won him comparisons to celebrated actor Marlon Brando, cementing his talent and illuminous career that spanned 16 movies, the final of which he was unable to finish. His role in the 2009 film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was completed by three different actors - Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp - who stepped in at the final hour to honour Ledger's late memory.

In the lead-up to the anniversary of his death, Buro celebrates our favourite on-screen moments from the Australian actor with a bittersweet mixture of sadness and joy. 

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