Guess who the highest paid celebrity in the world is?

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Forbes just released their Celebrity 100 list for 2017 and you'll never guess who took out number one and who went from the top spot in 2016 to number 49 in just 12 short months

Sure, it's not considered polite dinner conversation to talk about how much people earn or money in general, but when it comes to celebrities and how much bank they're making, all bets are off. The eye-watering amounts of greenbacks the top celebrities earn are numbers we all want to know about and discuss at length, like the fact that Sean Combs (aka Diddy), who took out the top spot this year, made a gobsmacking $130 million. That's right in just 12 short months Diddy made over $10 million dollars each month.

The list also provides an interesting snapshot of who's in and who's out, like... Taylor Swift, in 2016 she topped the list earning a casual $170 million, fast forward to 2017 and she's dropped to number 49 only pulling in a paltry (by celeb standards - not regular humans) $44 million. What happened to the other $125-odd million she could have earnt if she'd stayed with her 2016 game plan?

Other notable movers include Beyoncé who made it into the top 10 this year coming in at number two with $105 million in the vault.  And The Weeknd who made a top 10 debut at number six with a very tidy $92 million.

Scroll through for the top 20 celebrities on Forbes Celebrity 100 2017 list:

Guess who the highest paid celebrity in the world is? (фото 1)

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