Forbes highest paid actresses list reveals some major surprises

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Apparently, going by the name Emma or Jennifer is a recipe for Hollywood success...

Got a name that starts in E, M or J? Then by all accounts you must be having a good year. Forbes has reported on the top 10 highest earning actresses for 2017 and it seems like Jennifer Lawrence is no longer top dog. After taking out the top earning actress list for 2016, Lawrence has been overtaken by bestie and fellow Oscar winner Emma Stone. While it's nice to see some young 'uns in the list unseating the more established actresses, we're not really surprised that Hollywood is keen to compensate its ingénues. (Ahem, ageism).

But aside from the twentysomething Oscar winners on the list, who else made the cut? You might be surprised to find Mila Kunis here. While it may seem the actress has been busy playing mummy with her two children, her 2017 earnings were rather respectable, largely due to the success of the Bad Moms film, which is slated for a sequel (surprise, surprise). And Jennifer Aniston, whose movie work is hardly prolific these days, made a ton of money from Emirates, Smartwater and Aveeno endorsements, plus a stake in haircare line Living Proof.

Click through the gallery above to see who else is killing it in Hollywood. 

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