Forbes 100 highest paid celebs of 2016: who came out on top?


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Forbes has released its annual top 100 celebrity earners - and let's just say you'll be very surprised by the top 30...

Boy, it pays to be a musician these days. Because despite all their moaning about Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube royalties, in Forbes' top 100 highest-paid celebrities - there's a helluva lot of musos crammed in there. With Taylor Swift taking out the top post for 2016 (thanks to the phenomenal success of her 1989 world tour), followed by a minus-Zayn One Direction, there's a total of 14 musicians in the top 30 alone. Looks like touring really pays the bills, huh? Special congrats must got to Tay Swift for being $60m ahead of her closer competitor , too.

While there are some surprises (Dr Phil, anyone? American author James Patterson?), we also see the top 30 rounded out by top-earning soccer, tennis and basketball players; comedian Kevin Hart, radio and TV hosts; international blockbuster actors and... David Copperfield. Yep the man of magic is still at it, and clearly that bag of trick is still working for him.

Click through the gallery  to see how much each celeb was paid in 2016 (note: figures are in US dollars) and find the full list at

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