Fifty Shades Darker has stolen Star Wars’ crown

Fifty Shades Darker has stolen Star Wars’ crown

Sex sells

Text: Noelle Faulkner

The trailer for the new Fifty Shades film has set a new record for most views in a day

We don't understand how it happened either, but according to Deadline, the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, AKA the sequel for one of the worst movies in the history of talkies Fifty Shades of Grey, now holds the crown for most online views in 24 hours.

You read right. To break it down, more people have clicked to view the trailer of the sequel to a terrible film, that was adapted from a terrible book,  that was originally developed as terrible fan fiction of an equally terrible movie (Twilight) that was yet another adaption of a terrible book that was apparently a stolen idea, than literally any other trailer of any other film ever made.

Garnering a whopping 114 million views in a day, Fifty Shades Darker has stolen the crown from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (NOT a terrible film) which had 112 million views at the time, not to mention a lot more hype and an arguably bigger fan base.

Sure, it's not all that surprising. We all know sex sells, and Fifty Shades did gross over half a million dollars, not to mention, singlehandedly spike sales in masks and whips, and  at least the sequel has been directed by an auteur who has experience in cinematic simmer; that being James Foley of  House of Cards and Fear-fame. Will it live up to the trailer's hype? Watch this space.
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