Everything we know so far about Rachel McAdams’ baby

Everything we know so far about Rachel McAdams’ baby

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Everyone’s favourite ‘Mean Girls’ star Rachel McAdams has reportedly given birth to a bouncing baby boy

Did anyone even know she was pregnant? The Hollywood A-lister's pregnancy was almost as big a secret as Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was. Maybe they were working with the same press agent? Either way both Jenner and McAdams kept their pregnancies under lock and key with Jenner only confirming she had, in fact, been pregnant after baby Stormi had arrived in the world.

The 39-year-old Canadian actress seems to be playing a similar undercover hand, but unlike Jenner, who announced Stormi's arrival on social media almost the minute she took her first breath, McAdams is yet to confirm she has given birth.

However, People reports photos obtained by Hollywood Pipeline show McAdams walking with her boyfriend Jamie Linden and he looks to be carrying a newborn baby bundle in his arms. No confirmation from McAdams' camp to date.

But, there are a number of signs pointing towards congratulations for the actress and her screenwriter beau Linden including the fact she missed the February premiere of her film Game Night, which she stars in alongside Jason Bateman. No star ever misses their own premiere unless they have an extremely good reason, like they're very close to giving birth and don't want anyone to know just how close they are.

And then there's the fact she's completely dropped off the radar and hasn't been photographed in public for months. E! News reported the last time The Notebook actress was photographed was at the Toronto airport last year, when she was "sporting a baggy jacket." Ideal to cover up any evidence of a baby bump, right?

The notoriously private actress started dating Linden back in April 2016 and E! News reported her rumoured pregnancy (with Linden pegged as the most likely father candidate) in February this year. McAdams' didn't confirm the pregnancy at the time, but now that the first baby photo looks like it's here, it's confirmed. So, congratulations Rachel and Jamie! We're ready for baby pics any time you are...

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