Once upon a time, celebrity news was filled with "who to follow on social media" lists and "Celeb X did this on Instagram today", these days however, it seems to the the norm to report on which celebrity is quitting social media. And so here we are.

Joining the latest line of social media quitters (or taking-a-breakers), which includes Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber, Kanye West has deleted his infamous twitter account (in addition to his fleeting Instagram).

Much to our disappointment, West's once-prolific account was deleted over the weekend, signalling the end of the Kanye twitter-rant era. Of course, it comes as no surprise - like his wife Kim Kardashian did following the Paris incident, Kanye has recently pulled back from public engagements, including the Met Gala and the MTV Awards and while we can understand that for someone like Kanye, who is so frequently battling for his own privacy, and that of his family's, for entertainment's sake (and that little extra insight into West's wild mind), we hope this is temporary.  

End of rant: What's happened to Kanye West's social media accounts?