Donald Trump gifted Charlie Sheen fake diamond cufflinks

Donald Trump gifted Charlie Sheen fake diamond cufflinks


Text: Yeong Sassall

Charlie Sheen hilariously reveals the secret stingy side of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

If this video doesn't make you (reluctantly) charmed by Charlie Sheen again, we don't know what will. We know, we know... that's a huge call, but bear with us. In a video from a recent episode of British celebrity talk show The Graham Norton Show, the Hollywood bad boy actor shares an old anecdote about the 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump. And it's gold.  

According to the story, five years ago Sheen and then-fiancé Brooke Mueller were dining with Trump and his wife Melania. Trump, apologetic he couldn't make Sheen's wedding (that, we should point out, he was never even invited to), gave Sheen a pair of "platinum diamond Harry Winston cufflinks" as an early wedding present. Nice, right? But around six months later, Sheen happened to be getting some jewellery appraised, and out of curiosity he gave Trump's cufflinks to the jeweller. It didn't take long for the jeweller to pass them off as "cheap pewter and bad zirconias" that - this is the worst bit - were "stamped Trump". Oh, Donald. Watch below as Sheen recounts the whole story.

As Charlie Sheen points out, when a billionaire gives you fake Harry Winston diamonds, “What does this really say about the man?” We think that might be the wisest thing Sheen has ever said. 

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