Don't you love it when celebrities use their power to good use? We certainly do - and especially when they're using their status to inspire others, too. Just now, 81 of the biggest names in the business including Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, and Lady Gaga have all signed an open letter to support improving the quality of education for more than 130 million girls worldwide. The campaign is fronted by advocacy organisation ONE, who have penned the letter specifically to address politicians and global leaders, according to The Cut.

The letter reads:

In the poorest countries, girls are denied it more often than boys. Education is vital for moving out of poverty. Every additional year of school that a girl completes increases her future earnings, which is good for her family, her community, and her country.

Your education helped you to get where you are today - and it is in your power to help millions of girls to get theirs.

Please act now, with the right policies and the necessary funds. Show us that politics can work for the people - starting with the people who need it most.

Other notable Hollywood heavyweights who have signed the dotted line include Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Tom Brady, and Robin Wright. The letter will be presented to world authorities on International Women's Day (March 8). Let's hope we'll be seeing celebs doing a lot more of this in 2017. 

Blake Lively, Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman on supporting girls’ education