Beyoncé now has her own book…

Beyoncé now has her own book…


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Are you a dedicated Lemonade fan? Then this book’s for you

In 2015, we went looking for Karl Lagerfeld. And of course, you all know Wally/Waldo in the red-and-white striped shirt, whom you probably spent your childhood searching for. Now, in true 2017 fashion, it's Beyoncé's turn to be found. A new book Finding Beyoncé, has cleverly taken the classic children's book Where's Waldo and swapped in Queen B as the subject we're all obsessed with. 

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Considering the woman is one of the most-watched pop stars in the world, an icon whose pregnancy announcement became the stuff of legend - and the most liked photo on Instagram of all time - we'd say the creators of Finding Beyoncé chose their subject well. As the publishers Sagoi Press say in the book description, "We've put together a glorious illustrated tribute to Queen B where you get to swim through the pages and find out where's she's hidden on the page. Think Where's Waldo but with way more sass." Indeed.

Beyoncé now has her own book… (фото 2)

Each image in the 40-page book is illustrated by a different artist and you can pick up a copy of Finding Beyoncé for £10 at Happy hunting!

Beyoncé now has her own book… (фото 3)

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