If you know anything about hip-hop star Azealia Banks, it’s that she’s one feisty chick. A quick google search will prove this as much, with the musician clocking up feuds (many on Twitter – that’s her preferred sparring ground) with Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Lily Allen, Perez Hilton and even Sarah Palin. But her latest stoush – or, more accurately, no-holds-barred attack – on former One Direction star Zayn Malik has really got people’s attention. And she’s also learned a valuable lesson about going after ex-boy band members with a rabid fan base. It all started when Azealia accused Malick of copying her in his ‘Like I Would’ video and despite admitting he was a “cutie pie”, she soon took offense at couple of Zayn’s cryptic tweets, below:


Assuming it was about her, Banks started a racist tirade against Zayn, calling him a “Punjab”, “sand n****”, “curry scented bitch” and accused him on being on One Direction “to draw brown attention.” And Zayn’s half-Pakistani origins weren’t her only grapple – she also sent out a spray toward British rappers and musicians, saying their music was a “disgrace”. Thankfully, Twitter’s no racism policy kicked in and the singer’s account (@AZEALIABANKS) has now been suspended, but it also didn’t stop the internet’s population of Asian women to stand up in defence. A string of women on Twitter have started uploading proud selfies on themselves with the hashtag #curryscentedbitch


And, to add further insult to injury, Azealia Banks was also dropped from her headline appearance at London’s Rinse Born & Bred festival. The festival made its stance on racism loud and clear with this tweet:


We guess Zayn doesn’t even need to stand up for himself anymore. Those One Direction fans sure come in handy…


Azealia Banks trolls Zayn Malik; loses gigs and cops a Twitter backlash