Are Kim K and Lindsay Lohan feuding about… braids?!?

Are Kim K and Lindsay Lohan feuding about… braids?!?


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Image: Image: Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian and Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

This might be the most ridiculous feud that’s ever unfolded on the ‘Gram

Former friends now social media foes, Kim Kardashian West and Lindsay Lohan are currently locked in a furious 'Gram battle over Kim K's braids. That's right... braids.

It all started when Mrs West posted a rapid-fire slew of racy NSFW snaps which appear to have been shot by photographer Marcus Hyde of herself wearing very little clothing but with a whole lot of hair braids:



Interestingly the most controversial thing about the set of photos wasn't the lack of kit (Kim K is a well-known fan of the naked selfie) but rather the braids or cornrows.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star introduced the new braided look with the caption 'Bo West', an obvious reference to blonde-haired Bo Derek's iconic look in the 1979 rom com 10.

Bo Derek braids

However, the Internet was not happy with her claim that a white '70s movie star was responsible for this look and a ton of backlash about this cultural misappropriation immediately followed.

None of that overly concerned Kim, until Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan weighed in. LiLo and KKW used to be pals back in the day when Lohan was a star and Kim wasn't but if this exchange is to be believed, they're now firm foes.

Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. Image John Shearer/WireImage

According to Peopleceleb blogger Perez Hilton reposted one of Kim's braided snaps asking fans for their opinion of the new look - Lohan wrote "I am confused," about the post/look, to which Kim immediately clapped back with, "You know what's confusing... Your sudden foreign accent."  A reference to an unusual new 'international' accent Lohan picked up in 2016 after time spent travelling overseas.

Your move Lohan.

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