Boy, the world does not want to let up on this Depp-Heard divorce case. By now, you'll probably know that Heard has accused Depp of domestic violence, with many, including Depp's daughter Lily-Rose jumping to his defence. So far, so sordid.

But this morning, TMZ has released details (obtained from a court hearing audio tape) of a 2009 fight between Amber Heard and former girlfriend Tasya van Ree. After getting into an argument on September 14 at Seattle airport, Amber grabbed and struck Tasya in the arm and was later arrested by police. Appearing in court the next day to address the altercation, the case was not moved forward (due to both women living in California), but Amber was told the case could still be reopened and examined.

Of course, an old domestic violence case does not make Amber's allegations against Johnny Depp any less serious or potentially valid, but considering the rapt attention the world has paid to this case from day one... we can see the Depp supporters cheering about this tidbit of information. According to TMZ and E!, Amber's lawyers have made no comment.

Amber Heard has a surprising history of domestic violence