All the signs ‘confirming’ Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy

Oh baby!

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We can't help but keep up with this Kardashian pregnancy; here's what we know

Is she or isn't she, that is the question; and probably the first time a Shakespeare quote has been repurposed to reference the Kardashian's. Momager, Kris Jenner runs an extremely well-oiled ship, almost guaranteeing that even the slightest whisper of confirmation regarding Kylie Jenner's alleged pregnancy with Travis Scott is kept under wraps. TMZ first reported on the littlest Kardashian's pregnancy on September 22 and we are yet to hear any form of confirmation from the family. As the months tick by and the family remains silent, things are beginning to fall through the cracks, with snaps from Kylie hinting at a possible engagement, and sources (paparazzi photos included) confirming the reality star has had a baby shower. Signs are pointing to a big fat positive sign on that home pregnancy kit... unless this is all an enormous tabloid and social media troll; if so, then hats off to you Kylie, you got us. Here are all the signs 'confirming' Kylie Jenner's pregnancy. 

All the signs ‘confirming’ Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy (фото 1)

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