Ab Fab’s Patsy is transgender

Ab Fab’s Patsy is transgender


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In a new interview, actress Joanna Lumley reveals one massive secret about her Absolutely Fabulous character

And suddenly, Patsy Stone makes a lot more sense. Speaking to V Magazine while on the promo trail for the upcoming Ab Fab movie, Lumley noted how ahead of its time the series was: "You go back and pick through it, the amount of gay references and ease with which it's been put into the story, without it being dragged along like a great log of plot," she said. "It's really normal that one of [Eddie's] ex-husbands now lives with his young boyfriend. It's completely normal that Eddie wants Saffy to be a lesbian, or that Serge is gay and living in New York."

All this before she casually dropped the big news: "It's completely normal that Patsy is transgender." Whether this revelation will feature more prominently in the upcoming movie, we'll have to wait until July 1 to find out (in the meantime, watch the trailer here).

Ab Fab’s Patsy is transgender (фото 1)

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