This ‘Sex and the City’ star is running for political office

This ‘Sex and the City’ star is running for political office

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Image: Cynthia Nixon playing Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City

If ‘Sex and the City’ were still on air this feels exactly like a move Cynthia Nixon’s whip smart lawyer character, Miranda Hobbes, would make

Sex and the City's New York-loving lawyer Miranda Hobbes as New York governor? Totally plausible. And in lieu of a third Sex and the City movie or any new episodes of this epic TV show we can get our SATC fix watching Cynthia Nixon, the actress who so memorably played lawyer Miranda Hobbes, run a political campaign for the prestigious political post of New York Governor.

Nixon announced her candidacy for the role with a heartfelt "I love New York" video posted on Twitter, which you can watch here.

Did the team behind Sex and the City produce this video? Because it's exactly how we imagine Miranda would announce a run for office. And if this was an episode of SATC it would end with Miranda winning the post with a little help from her three fave gal pals and on-screen husband Steve (who would be looking after fictional son Brady while Miranda attended to the business of running New York).

Nixon is not the first celebrity to swap acting for politics with Clueless star Stacey Dash recently announcing she's running for a seat in the United States Congress, actor Ronald Regan was the 40th President of the United States, Terminator star Arnold Schwarzeneggar was the Governor of California, and everyone is crossing their fingers the queen of entertainment, Oprah Winfrey, will make a presidential bid at the next election.

Nixon is running against current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with The New York Times reporting a recent survey has Cuomo currently in the lead, "The survey shows Mr Cuomo ahead of Ms Nixon among Democratic voters by 66 per cent to19 per cent."  Nixon clearly needs to call in her SATC bestie, public relations dynamo Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall), to weave some PR magic and swing those voters straight into the Nixon camp. 

This ‘Sex and the City’ star is running for political office (фото 1)

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