A fan is suing Kanye over 'The Life of Pablo'

A fan is suing Kanye over 'The Life of Pablo'


Text: Anna McClelland

Kanye's fans are finally turning on him, and they're taking him to court

Maybe Justin Baker-Rhett heard about the $100,000 Kanye gave this Sydney graffiti artist to buff out an artwork he didn't like, or maybe he's just genuinely miffed (and rightly so) about the rapper/fashion designer/deity's dirty dealings - either way, this American fan has had enough.

Baker-Rhett has filed a class action lawsuit in a San Francisco court claiming he was misled into buying a Tidal subscription after Kanye tweeted that his new album, The Life of Pablo, would only be available on the service. "My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale... you can only get it on Tidal," Kanye tweeted, in a post that appears to have since been deleted.

Six weeks after Kanye's tweet, his album went up on various streaming services, including Spotify and - you guessed it - Apple Music.  Tidal received hundreds of new subscribers in the weeks prior - although it looks like only one of them has decided to fight the turnaround in court. It takes a brave man to take on Kanye... expect LOTS of twitter rants.

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