Your weekend playlist is brought to you by Burberry

Your weekend playlist is brought to you by Burberry

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Burberry is paying tribute to its relationship with music with a dedicated playlist featuring 200 tracks from the brand’s most memorable moments over the last 17 years

Put yourself in charge of the AUX chord this weekend because Burberry has created a playlist that is guaranteed to give you some brownie points among your music-buff friends. Featuring over 200 tracks that have defined some of the brand's most memorable moments from the last 17 years, 17 Years of Soundtracks is available to stream now from Apple Music - think throwbacks like Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Costello and Dusty Springfield; to live performances from George Ezra, Jake Bugg and Tom Odell.

The playlist was curated by Christopher Bailey who has cemented music and the support of musicians at the heart of the brand's retail experience, runway shows, global events and campaigns. "Music has influenced me profoundly from a very young age and has always been an emotive companion in my life," Bailey said in a statement. "This passion has resulted in me having a wide and varying taste in music with a particular love for British artists, both new and old. It is something I go back to constantly as a source of inspiration - from providing the soundscapes to our shows, to live performances at our events, to recording music videos of the newest musicians at the very beginning of their careers."

Your weekend playlist is brought to you by Burberry (фото 1)

"This patchwork of tracks is a musical tribute to Burberry's past, present and future, which I hope will not only introduce new music to audiences but also allow for some musical rediscovery," Baily said.

17 Years of Soundtracks is available exclusively on Apple Music with evolving interview content to be added within the week and the addition of the soundtrack from Christopher Bailey's final Burberry show on Saturday, February 17.

Your weekend playlist is brought to you by Burberry (фото 2)

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