Just in: Selena Gomez's sexiest clip ever

Just in: Selena Gomez's sexiest clip ever

Ready for her close-up

Text: Noelle Faulkner

The popstar gets super sexy in her new “Fetish” film clip

If you thought you'd seen Selena Gomez at her sultriest, starring in Coach campaigns and getting into same-sex love triangles (in her clip "Bad Liar"), then think again. Her brand new video for her single "Fetish" may just be her sexiest yet.

Directed by artist, filmmaker and photographer Petra Collins, who has shot films and projects for Gucci, Lonely Hearts Calvin Klein, Levi's, Adidas and more, the video highlights the power of low-key sensuality and subtleness in sexiness. It shows the 13 Reasons Why executive producer and popstar simply singing, licking her lips, making a great case for a set of gold statement earrings, and pouting at the camera fitted with a soft-focus lens while she mouths ""You got a fetish for my love, I push you out and you come right back," she sings. "Don't see a point in blaming you, If I were you, I'd do me, too." 

This new single is rumoured to be the first from her follow-up to 2015's "Revival". Watch the  clip for the down-tempo pop track below.

Just in: Selena Gomez's sexiest clip ever (фото 1)

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