Watch: Selena Gomez's sultry new video for ‘Fetish’

Watch: Selena Gomez's sultry new video for ‘Fetish’

You got a fetish for my love

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Selena Gomez has a fetish for eyelash curlers, soap and peaches in new music video

We knew we were in for something sultry when Selena Gomez released a visual teaser for her new song 'Fetish' two weeks ago. Now the full video is here, and it is a sensual overload.

Directed by Petra Collins; her influence is obvious, and perfect. The romantic, soft-hued video shows Gomez writhing around on the kitchen floor before biting into a bar of soap, putting her tongue through an eyelash curler and crawling over a crystal topped dinner setting. It's a new direction for Selena, and we've got to say, its working.

'Fetish' follow's Gomez's latest single 'Bad Liar', released last month. The pop princess is remaining tight lipped on whether both singles will appear on a potential upcoming album.

Watch the sensual video below. 

Watch: Selena Gomez's sultry new video for ‘Fetish’ (фото 1)

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