Watch: Lorde’s new music video for ‘Green Light’

Watch: Lorde’s new music video for ‘Green Light’

She’s baaaaack

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This morning, Kiwi wunderkind Lorde released a new singles and video, marking her return to the music charts

It's been almost four years since the debut LP Pure Heroine from New Zealand singer Lorde. And boy, haven't things changed! Multiple Grammy awards and Taylor Swift squad membership aside, Lorde's gone from a 16-year-old precocious musical talent to a 20 year old with more celeb connections that Miss Swift herself. And even though she's been relatively tight-lipped on the release date of her new album, we've known it's been coming for a few months. Which is great, because aside from a single for The Hunger Games soundtrack (which she curated, btw) and that killer Disclosure track 'Magnets' - we haven't heard much since Pure Heroine.

Referring to her coming of age album on Facebook, the singer kicked it off this morning with the release of 'Green Light'. Produced by Lorde, Jack Antonoff (Lena Dunham's partner - and another os Taylor Swift's #squad) and Frank Dukes, the accompanying video shows Lorde in a new, grown-up light - dancing freely and wearing pink(!) Sound wise, 'Green Lights' dance-driven beats have more in common with the pop/EDM anthems sitting on the charts right now, which will probably garner criticism, but let's save our judgement until we hear the whole LP. Lyrically, Lorde's lost none of her touch for angsty word play.

Remember, Lorde's no longer a teenage outsider viewing the world through her New Zealand lens, she's a global pop star who has officially made it. It will be interesting to see how this metamorphosis plays out in her sophomore album. Watch the video below. 

Watch: Lorde’s new music video for ‘Green Light’ (фото 1)

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