Swifty's, the time has come for that empty hole in your heart to be filled back up; the world has been made right again, Taylor Swift has confirmed she will be releasing new music for you to play on repeat this week!

The popstar revealed over a series of three social media posts, the title and artwork for her upcoming sixth album, Reputation, the first single of which will be dropped tomorrow (oh yeah!) The full album will be released on November 10, which bodes well for us Aussies living down under; it's safe to assume that Reputation will be the soundtrack of the summer.

Swift's social media activity overnight also included a video that completes the body of the snake, showing the head of the snake hissing and lunging towards the screen. If this video is anything to go by, it looks like Reputation will be showing a much darker side to America's sweetheart.  

Millions of Taylor Swift fans will be sleeping with one eye open tonight, waiting in anticipation like a kid on Christmas morning. Swift is back baby! 

Taylor Swift just announced a new album and a new song!