Taylor Swift is up to something and it could mean new music

Taylor Swift is up to something and it could mean new music

I’ve got a blank space baby

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Taylor Swift broke the internet on Saturday when the pop star's social media accounts went blank

It has been an emotional month for Taylor Swift as she faced a lengthy and highly publicised sexual assault trial against former radio DJ, David Mueller. But aside from the unfortunate legal event, Taylor Swift has remained relatively out of the spotlight for most of 2017 - until this weekend. The singer silently wiped all of her social media accounts bare on Saturday, and to say fans are getting a little excited would be an understatement.

Over the weekend dozens of theories and clues emerged across the blogs and social accounts of Swift's loyal fans, and they all point to one thing: new music. You can check out the play-by-play below.

1. Taylor Swift deletes all content from her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Musicians have previously used social media wipe-outs to build anticipation for upcoming music. Similar social media incentives were pulled by Demi Lovato and Harry Styles earlier this year before new music was released.

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2. Exactly three years ago to the date, Taylor Swift released 'Shake It Off' and announced 1989

Swift cleared all social media accounts on August 18. Exactly three years ago, this was the date that the pop star held a private listening party for fans, where she premiered her (extremely addictive) 'Shake It Off' single, and announced the release of her fifth album 1989.

3. Reports say she is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America later this month

One eager fan saw that DIRECTV listed Taylor Swift as appearing on Good Morning America on August 31. One could assume the appearance is to announce and promote a new music project.

4. shows a secret hidden message

The pop stars website is currently blank; however one fan looked into the websites coding to find that it is running on a javascript name of "ivegotablankspace" (good one). According to the fan, there is a secret message in the coding that reads "that's what they don't see," a potential reference to a lyric of song title perhaps?

If Swift's fans are right, it looks like our summer playlist just got a lot more Tay-Tay. Watch this (blank) space. 

Taylor Swift is up to something and it could mean new music (фото 1)

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