So Frenchy So Chic:  7  French musicians you need to listen to this weekend

So Frenchy So Chic: 7 French musicians you need to listen to this weekend

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Text: Noelle Faulkner

We asked Australia’s most loved French festival who and what we need to add to our playlist for a Frenchy weekend

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! If there was a weekend where it was our international duty to bliss out and listen to the coolest French music, then, we guess, being France's national day (La Fête Nationale) and all, this must be it? Right? Not that we need an excuse...

Here, we asked Jean-Francois Ponthieux, founder of Cartell Music and French music festival So Frenchy So Chic to share his favourite Frenchy tunes, from the Saint Laurent-approved Juniore to ex-Chanel muse Camille and Jack White’s favourite French Band, The Limiñanas.

Because like French women and French films, the appeal of French music is as hard to pin down as it is to not fall in love...

Juliette Armanet, "L'amour en Solitaire" 

"She is a true rising star.  Her songs bring the nostalgia of some iconic French artist of the '80s era  like Veronique Sanson and  France Gall: modern, fresh, original songs that caress your mind."

Féfé, "Aussi Fort"

"Féfé is a veteran of France's music scene. He was a founding member of pioneer Hip Hop band Saian Supa Crew who with MC Solaar and NTM put French hip-hop on the map. Now,  as a solo artist Féfé brings a rich array of influence to his compositions via groove, afro beat, funk and hip hop, with a voice and stage presence that makes him a real showman. He is a true world citizen and a proud French man." 

Camille, "Seeds"

"I recently saw Camille at a French Festival in April. Her theatrical performances are memorable as there is a story and certain choreography to her music. She successfully reinvents herself at each album, while maintaining a strong artistic thread and DNA." 

Revolver, "Do you have a gun?" 

"This band, who separated in 2014, created two great albums. While just in their 20s, and clear fan of Beatles, these classically-trained created a new music genre called Chamber Pop. This song could be the soundtrack of many great moments."


Juniore, "Panique"

"Fresh pop with a 60s influence. This girl band (and one boy) brings some 21th-century influence to a joyful and naive Yéyé era sound." 

Paradis, "Toi et Moi"

"Paradis does a great job of cooly combining French chanson and electronic music. The beats remind me of the '90s French touch electronic movement which gave birth to Daft punk, Air and many more."

The Limiñanas, "Down Underground"

"Cinematic, psychedelic, with rich influences of French and Italian movies soundtrack, This is timeless rock'nroll!"

If you love what you hear, follow So Frenchy So Chic on Spotify  to discover more. 

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