RIP Chet Faker: The first Nick Murphy EP is here

RIP Chet Faker: The first Nick Murphy EP is here

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Text: Noelle Faulkner

The musician and producer formally known as Chet Faker has gone and done a Beyoncé, and boy, did it brighten up our morning.

Signalling the final nail in the coffin for the Chet Faker moniker, Nick Murphy has overnight gifted us the wonderful gift of new music. 

Entitled Missing Link, the 5-track EP premiered overnight on Pitchfork and has already garnered a heavy amount of hype, mostly due to cryptic posters that were spotted on the streets, as well as a trailer that dropped a week ago co-directed by Murphy and Johann Rashid.

 "Chet Faker was me trying to prove something to myself", Murphy said of the shift to using his real name. "But my tastes are pretty dynamic and I realised I've spent time resisting that. Now I want to put everything in. It's not conceptual anymore. It's just me, and it made sense to show that in a name. It feels like a rediscovery."  Of the tracks that followed the name change he says, "This huge wave came out and I broadened the framework. Instead of having to make finished tracks, I could just explore. That felt like the missing link between where I was and where I'm going now."

Nick Murphy will be performing Missing Link next month, when he takes over the Sydney Opera House stage for Vivid Live.  June 1-3, Sydney Opera House,  

RIP Chet Faker: The first Nick Murphy EP is here (фото 1)



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