Radiohead release new single ‘Burn the Witch’

Radiohead release new single ‘Burn the Witch’

It’s here!

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Alt rockers Radiohead finally caved in and gave us what we were waiting for – new music in the form of a single and video ‘Burn the Witch’

Masters of the subversive and unexpected, English rock legends Radiohead have released a new video, 'Burn the Witch' overnight - and of course, it's not what you'd expect. After dominating internet chatter earlier this week by ghosting off social media and deleting all the content from their website, the band teased fans with snippets of new work. A long-awaited ninth album has been rumoured for some time, and this new single looks to be the first of many.

Utilising stop-motion animation and a quaint English village setting, the 'Burn the Witch' video opens with distinct shades of Postman Pat. But as the song progresses, the beat becomes erratic and Thom Yorke's lyrics becomes more ominous, it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary country stopover. "This is a low-flying panic attack," sings Yorke, as the scene evolves into a sinister burning ritual involving the whole village. Yep, we told you it took a weird turn.

Faintly disturbing, but guaranteed to make you go for a repeat listen, Radiohead's use of animation to illustrate themes of disaffection and paranoia echo one of their classic videos from their 1997 classic OK Computer - 'Paranoid Android'. Watch it below and see for yourself.

Like with Radiohead's previous two albums, the band shunned a traditional PR-supported release of the single. 'Burn the Witch' is available as a download from the site - either in mp3 or wav format and it's priced from €1.25 ($1.91). Your move, Spotify, Tidal and iTunes.

Radiohead release new single ‘Burn the Witch’ (фото 1)

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