Let's hope The New York Times is right and Frank Ocean's looooooooooong awaited second album Boys Don't Cry is coming to Apple Music this Friday, otherwise there will be a lot of angry fans (and sheepish NYT fact checkers). According to the NYT article, Apple Music has secured a deal to score first streaming rights of Ocean's new album, a follow up to his critically lauded  2012 tour de force Channel Orange.

Citing an insider with intimate knowledge of the release plans, the NYT say that Boys Don't Cry will be exclusively available on Apple Music for two weeks before being widely released. Even though both Apple and Ocean's record label has declined to comment on the news, here's hoping this well-placed insider knows his stuff. Ocean's fans were quick to notice an Apple Music watermark that appeared on a video posted to a Boys Don't Cry website - which seemed to back up this claim. The R&B singer's extended absence from the music scene has been a sore point for many fans, who've had to console themselves with Frank Ocean writing credits on Kanye West and James Blake albums.

On another note, these "exclusive" streaming service deals for highly anticipated albums are becoming part and parcel of the industry. With Apple Music and Tidal usually leading the charge with album exclusives from the likes of Radiohead, The Avalanches, BeyoncéHere’s the news all Frank Ocean fans have been waiting forand Kanye West, fans now have two choices: wait patiently to hear new music, or sign up to every streaming service imaginable. The future is here. Sigh.

Here’s the news all Frank Ocean fans have been waiting for